We make wine that highlights the incredible Oregon wilderness all around us. We believe our simple approach to winemaking yields complexity. Nature has already perfected what we are doing, we are just adding some muddied helping hands. We fell in love with Oregon, because it’s still wild, still green, and nobody blinks when they get muddy amongst the vines, on the trails, along the coast, or in this state’s great cities.  

Travis and Chris met in Montana and found a shared passion for wine, food, reading, learning, music, and sharing what we love with everyone around us.  Travis spent years pouring some of the finest wines in the world at the Yellowstone Club in Montana before trading in the white shirt for the life of a winemaker in Willamette Valley Oregon.   Chris is a Napoli trained pizza chef who spent time making Sourdough pizzas at the greatest bakery in London. We believe there’s nothing better than a 3-hour meal with great wine, family, and friends – we hope some of that wine for your next family and friends dinner is de la boue.

With our first release in January 2020, we will have a limited run of a Pinot Noir and Syrah. The Pinot Noir is from the Chehalem Mountains which we call “nostalgie de la boue” a longing for simpler times.  It’s from a single vineyard, a single barrel and a single winemaker. The Syrah we call “passion de la boue” and it comes from the Columbia Gorge Wine Region. We touched every grape this time around, and we can’t wait to share some of it with you.   

You can expect to find respect for excellent winemaking and a desire to share what we know about the craft.  You will also find an appreciation for experimentation and a desire to share what we have learned that surprised us.  That may come in the form of local pouring events, tips for home winemaking, or a bottle showing up at your home or restaurant because you have inspired us and might not even know it. 

Thank you.  Here’s to your next moment, we hope to be a small part of it.

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